Water is really the most interesting element, still hiding many secrets.

ECAIA is synonymous with water of the highest quality. A water with ancient traditions that the collaboration of internationally-renowned experts has allowed us to perfect. The ECAIA line of products is dedicated to the treatment of water, using the Filter Technology developed by SANUSLIFE® INTERNATIONAL.

The general rule is: the more a drinking water is similar to the water present in our bodies and cells, the better our bodies can metabolize it.

The very name “hides” much more than appears: in fact, the acronym ECAIA expresses all the most important qualities that the water we drink should have to optimally perform its vital functions inside our bodies.

With ENERGIZED we refer to the “intangible” treatment of drinking water. It is a process that we can not perceive, nor see, nor smell, nor taste, nor touch, nor measure ... yet it exists and produces its effects.

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With CLEAN we refer to the purification of water with various filtration methods. In recent years, SANUSLIFE® INTERNATIONAL has become specialized in precisely this field. In collaboration with international experts, our company has developed a unique, exclusive filtration system: „Filtertechnology by SANUSLIFE® INTERNATIONAL“.

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The term ALKALINE refers to the alkaline content of water. The trend of drinking alkaline water with pH values between 8.5 and 9.5 is getting more and more popular. In Asia, the habit of drinking alkaline ionized water took hold as early as the 1950s.

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With IONIZED we refer to the treatment of drinking water by means of ionization. If water is ionized, it takes on particular qualities and becomes alkaline, antioxidant, oxygen-rich and “micro-clustered”.

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With ANTIOXIDANT we refer to the potential that protects against oxidation. There are different types of antioxidants: ECAIA water is rich in free electrons and is therefore strongly antioxidant, a property that can be measured with an ORP meter.

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